May 25, 2013



Sorry I’ve been away for so long…had a mountain of words to churn out in time for my final essay deadlines…everything is in, and I’m just waiting for term to end! It’s all a bit odd at the moment, sitting with my foe liminality for a few months between leaving University and starting a job! I thought I’d share some poetry with you seeing as I don’t have alot to say right now šŸ™‚

The first one is something I wrote when I was reflecting on the move from being in theological college into Circuit ministry…it describes something of the difficulty I experience in getting my head around practicing the sacred without the affirmation some of us feel we require. The difficulty with posting poetry up is that I can’t put the emphases where I’d want them to be…this one (in my mind) is read quite fast, with a sense of hesitation.


From all past purposes soon

to be defined, confined

to the One. The one purpose –

to reach out

to hold

to protect

to anoint

in administering God’s grace.


Open, not closed as before

clinging to objects of sin

and decay.


lined with the geometry of

our pasts. Our forebears with

us in our palms.

All this.

pointing forward

pointing back

attempting to sweep

the darkness off our backs –

and yet.

something of this change

I have yet to feel

and still these palms of flesh

must engage –

in blessing


drenching in thy sacred name.

The throat too be clothed in

holy manmade materials

set apart


not above.

strange is this idea

bizarre the plan.

but now.

My God contracted to a span beckons me take

my place in this great plan.


trembling – receive that which

shall soon be given, and

concludes –

The rest be down to God.


Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. So pleased I tried your site. The poetry is thought provoking and shows how you have thought about things and come to erms with events. i may make use some of it in a service I lead sometime if you do not mind. I will of course give your name as writer.

    • I’m so glad you tried it too! It’s good to know people are seeing some of it.
      Please feel free to use anything of mine if you find it would be useful! I am hoping to post something new this week, all being well! If only I could get my brain to focus properly.

  2. Jarel I like your style of writing. An interesting poem and very thought-provoking as Elizabeth so rightly said.


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