Sweet Sacrament divine,
The blood of the True Vine,
The bread that gives us life,
The life of Love Divine.
O Lord, you meet us here today,
Though we may fail you once again.
Hid here in bread and wine,
Our Lord, Our Sacrifice.

Sweet fellowship of joy,
Here in our church below,
Give us, true eyes to see,
The Church as yet unseen.
Hear us, O loving Lord we pray,
That in this sacred hallowed place,
Thy love will give us grace,
To share the hand of peace.

Sweet Sacrament of love,
A home for every soul,
Prepared to give embrace,
To every mourning face.
Here in the darkness of our lives,
Shine forth your radiance true and bright,
That all may come to know,
That heaven is our home.

Sweet Sacrament divine,
The Church’s Source and Life,
Without you we decay,
But with you we’re sustained. .
O Lamb of God, give us today,
The health for which we do now pray,
Come, meet us here again,
Christ, be here and remain.

Sweet Sacrament of grace,
Unworthy though we are,
You bid us ‘come and taste’
And feed on you in haste.
O Christ, poured out for us today,
Give us the fullest life we pray.
That in this feast we may,
mature in Truth and Grace.

© Jarel Robinson-Brown

Tune: Divine Mysteries 66 66 88 6 Francis Stanfield (1835-1914)

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About jarelrb

Classical Musician, Methodist Presbyter, Writer, Thinker. 26. Currently in Cardiff. ....Bach, Ravel, Nina Simone and John Welsey are some of my hero's :)