wesley2 (I’m writing as a British Methodist, so some of it is particular to us!)

1) We are a Church, so yes, we ordain, we baptize, we confirm and we celebrate the Eucharist…! Got it? Brilliant.

2) We are not non-conformist, but not entirely Free Church either – we were classed as dissenters.*

MDO-logo3) We aren’t all evangelical about teetotalism…we’re about responsible drinking…so you can stop making me feel less Methodist for this pint in my hand. Cheers.

4) All of our Presbyters and any preaching Deacons will have been lay preachers (some for some time) before taking Holy Orders and oSoperur Deacons are life-long (permanent) *all* of them, so please stop asking them when they’ll be “priested”!

5) We have the Proclamation of the Cross, The Easter Vigil and a rite for Confession in our tradition – on Sundays you will find lay preachers in our pulpits and clergy in anything from a shirt and jeans to an alb and chasuble…we’re OK with this.

6) Not all of our congregations are dying away – we just recognise the life, death, resurrection narrative of Christ’s life and we’re willing to make big sacrifices for the sake of the Gospel.

7) No, we don’t have Bishops in British MeSarah-Davisthodism, but we do in other parts of the world…please read about this. And yes, some of them are amazing, gifted, prophetic women!

8) In 1932 almost all the differing branches of British Methodism: the Primitives, the Wesleyans, and the United Methodists came together pulling a range of Wesleyan theological expressions together. Again, we like this.

9) We’ll sing a hymn pretty much anywhere…anytime, just not to any tune. Please sing the hymnody of our Founders to decent tunes…that’s all. cheers. thanks. bye.

10) Contrary to popular belief, we’re not planning on going anywhere anytime soon…so basically, yep, you’re stuck with us. Long may the bright sucession run!

*Thanks to Deacon Austin-Bride for that clarification!

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