March 12, 2015

‘Nan’ – A Poem

I was lucky enough to be brought up by a Saint. My Nan was parent to both me and my sister from a very young age, and to me she is a mystic. I’m always stunned to silence when I think of how someone who endured so much, and received no love as a child could have a heart so big…it’s Mothering Sunday this weekend, and this is my gift to her. She’s still loving, still praising and still sharing the love of God with people even at 80+ !



This is a woman like no other.

With no memory of her mother or father

She clings to God as her beloved lover…brother, sister, friend…

All she knew, she left for strange lands,

Nothing but scripture and her offspring in her hands.

Hands, which nurture with a nurture unreceived,

A heart that loves with a love it had never seen.

And yet she perceived,

That in giving what she did not from human life receive;

The call of God to give to all you meet.

Her wounds are healed through healing the wounds of others,

And in her discerning love, the love of God, The Wounded Healer came into untouched lands.

We call her Nan, yet this is not her name,

For hers is one worthy of heavens fame.

She, who took me from my mothers womb,

Held me up in love, to Love Himself –

A maternal oblation, an offering made,

Which meant my life would never be the same.

And yet, as though her grace was not enough,

She opened the gates to give embrace to two poor

Children who had no homely place.

Again, she gave that, which life would not repay, a debt

Was made, an offering placed – a dividend awaits above.

For in her heart burns love vast as the ocean –

A love that saved our souls

From joining the world’s broken.

And now, All I seek, for this midwife of Grace is peace –

The peace of eternal life –

Her token. And to receive her embrace when I cross the threshold and see the one whose love makes all the broken – whole.



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Classical Musician, Methodist Presbyter, Writer, Thinker. 26. Currently in Cardiff. ....Bach, Ravel, Nina Simone and John Welsey are some of my hero's :)