The pain of loss grows dim in that grey fading,

When, we can no longer express that which the heart now coldly feels.

All our feeling, fading, fading in the grey.

The warmth of each souls touch fading,

The tickle of their laughter in the grey

Seems difficult to recall, remember in the fading fade.

Gone, is their current reality

Their state is dead to most,

Absent to many, and our lives continue

Though we believe they should be steady.

We all shall have our day

When we too shall trip off life’s stage,

Go deeper into the grey fading.

Fading, slowly in the mists, into that

Nothingness of being where separation tastes like sweetness.

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About jarelrb

Classical Musician, Methodist Presbyter, Writer, Thinker. 26. Currently in Cardiff. ....Bach, Ravel, Nina Simone and John Welsey are some of my hero's :)