k82k2 1. Mary and Joseph were asylum seekers.

2. Our Saviour Jesus Christ was an undocumented child refugee at the beginning of his earthly life.

3. The Church is built on multiculturalism.

4. The Apostles were ‘sent’ into all corners of the world – so you are too! The free movement of people kinda goes with the territory guys…!

5. A fundamental part of what it means to be ‘One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church’ means that UKIP are really not fo you. Or for the Gospel. Or for God.

6. You can’t seriously think that only British people with HIV living in the UK deserve to be treated…and so, we just leave everyone else to go overseas for medicine they probably can’t afford, or leave the virus to develop and leave them to fatality? Erm, no. Infact, the very fact that Farage even dared comment on this is disgraceful enough.

7. You can’t believe that touching the human rights act in any way is necessary…so why, how and what on earth would convinvce you to vote for a party that have stated clearly their promise to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it? Think about this…oh and by the way, you might want to see what basic things this Human Rights Act covers….like your freedom to read this post.

8. You can’t think it’s OK for a party to use the word discriminate in a positive way…”Businesses should be able to discriminate in favour of young British workers.” define british….define discriminate… Basically, if you are a Christian considering voting UKIP, let’s just be clear – you are a fool. Infact you are a foolish fool. A sadistic and lugubrious non-entity and the Church would probably be more the Church without you. If you’re a Christian and you’re not thinking of voting at all….see above. Sorry to be harsh but the truth will set you free. #YOLOISNOTFORCHRISTIANS

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Classical Musician, Methodist Presbyter, Writer, Thinker. 26. Currently in Cardiff. ....Bach, Ravel, Nina Simone and John Welsey are some of my hero's :)