You who sought to set the world’s heart ablaze.

In every time, and every place. A great Connexion for your praise.

The world your parish, the tombs your stage, homes your meeting place

The sinner and the sage, the poor man and the seekers of worldly fame.

The strangely warm and warmly strange.

The lost in wonder, love and praise continuously changing yet unchanged.

The bright succession of God’s will, ready for all his perfect will.

A people sent to slave and free, declaring simply “Christ died for thee!”

You who found your God in cake and tea, your Lord in meeting common need.

Call out to us, O Love Divine, that in your calling we might find

ourselves ignited for your will, our wills our own no longer still

ourselves restored perfectly in thee

who gave your life for all, and me.

A prayer written whilst preparing for ordination on Retreat:

O Lord Jesus Christ, our Great High Priest.

You are our light in the darkness, our hope in despair, our rock in the ocean of doubt.

You alone are worthy, O Lord, and it is through your grace that we are made worthy to be your servants,

through your power that we find our strength, and by your Spirit that we are changed from glory into glory.

Make us, O Lord, a people ready for all your perfect will, a priestly and prophetic people lost in wonder, love and praise before you, Our God.

Lord God, give us, your presbyters, grace and courage to always and everywhere fearlessly do your will, until that time when you come again, and trusting in your holy calling, find us to be faithful shepherds of your sheep. Amen.Wesley brothers

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About jarelrb

Classical Musician, Methodist Presbyter, Writer, Thinker. 26. Currently in Cardiff. ....Bach, Ravel, Nina Simone and John Welsey are some of my hero's :)