~ Mother Angelica ~


The world’s most famous

Nun is dead.

Words that worldwide millions

had come to dread. yet.

In flesh alone,

and for a while,

she cannot grace us

with her smile.


From one Eternal realm

to the next.

The world’s most famous Nun

is led.

And on her way, the sacred narrow path is lit,

by myriads of once-lost souls who

only found their Lord

because of her obedient risk.


A voice so pefectly

tender for the air,

A nun who changed what ‘famous’ meant for years.

A stare that just

one look would even Satan


A joy and love and wit,

that shared the heart, and soul, and grit

of Catholic Truth – yes, every last bit!


O Mother of all,

yet mother of none –

hold us all as you

settle down above.


And as you have helped us –

now let us help you too,

let us do for you in death,

what you have done for us in life –

as we offer Masses,

and rosaries,

out of love for your eternal flight.


You travel to that place,

where the love of God is broadcast clear, and free.

Where all the saints in adoration sing –

the hymns of love to our Eternal King.


In that Eternal City,

where sacraments and screens

shall cease.

For you live now eye to eye,

before the Sacrifice that

gave you life. The paschal victim,

paschal priest – the mystery

which helped your strength, and faith increase.


O Mother of all –

yet mother of none –

what shall we do

without our awe-inspring Nun?


But now,

at last,

at peace,

our Poor Clare

who graced and blessed us with such riches,

is poor for us, no longer.

“Mother we love you….but God loves you more”





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